CC-NLG: Computational Creativity in Natural Language Generation

A workshop at INLG 2016
September 5th, University of Edinburgh, UK

Deadline extended: June 10 June 17

This workshop aims to bring together researchers dealing with text generation from a computational creativity perspective, and researchers in natural language generation with an interest in creative aspects. These two communities have been working separately for many years, as the focus in each one of them has been different: creativity research tends to be less focused on technical issues in natural language generation, and more on issues related to cognition, aesthetics, and novelty; while NLG research tends to focus on technical and theoretical aspects of processes, and information content and readability of output. However, recent progress in both fields is reducing many of these differences — with creativity projects moving more towards robust implementation, and NLG research including stylistics, variation and literary genres such as poetry or narrative — and we believe they are approaching the point where they can mutually benefit from ongoing work. By encouraging members of both communities to discuss work in related topics with each other, we hope to move towards better joint understanding of the problems involved.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Poetry Generation
  • Story Generation
  • Generation of Metaphor, Figurative and Rhetorical Language
  • Personality and Emotion in NLG
  • Creative Data-to-Text Models
  • Interactive Language Generation
  • Character-based Generation